Peacock and Myna

The black starling was put into a cage and hung on the branches of the road. People came and went to tease him and let him talk. Starling only learned two sentences: „go away“ and „goodbye“. No matter what passers-by said, Starling would occasionally say „go away“ and say „goodbye“ later. People are very happy when they look at the wooden and stupid myna. There is a beautiful peacock, good at opening the screen, its slim body and beautiful dancing posture are lamentable, the surrounding birds and animals are also dwarfed. Even if the peacock doesn’t open the screen, it can hear everyone’s praise. It can be said that the peacock has been living in flowers, applause and praise since it was born. When passing by the birdcage on the road, the peacock wanted to get close to eight people to see what happened. Unexpectedly, the Starling suddenly began to learn to talk: „go away.“ In a simple sentence, it’s normal, lovely and funny for people or other birds and animals, but peacock feels uncomfortable after hearing it: you black guy, what kind of thing! As soon as I get close, you let me „go away“. You don’t ask for information. Who doesn’t respect me and praise me? The more peacock thinks about it, the angrier it gets. It spreads its wings, flies and uses its claws to catch myna. Fortunately, Starling hid in the cage. The peacock didn’t hurt him. Peacock flapped for a long time. Although he failed to catch myna, he basically let out his anger. When the peacock walked away angrily, the voice of Starling came from behind: „goodbye!“ in fact, Starling was just a routine tongue study, which had no malice, but the peacock’s strong vanity and self-esteem could not tolerate any subjective disrespect or objective funny.


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